Multi-Functional Convertible Knitted Shawl, Shrugs & Wraps Collection

| October 21, 2015

Convertible Shawls for Women Winter Accessory:

As we know that winter season has on. So, mostly ladies start to shop for winter accessories. In this season, I suggest you that you should add multifunctional accessories into your wardrobe. Yes, I also find out that you can get the multi functional convertible shawls. Yes, now you can get such knitted shawls that can be converted into a shrug, shoulder wrap, cardigan or top. Yeas, its hundred percent true. You never believe on my statement! Well, when you will look below then you will surely believe on my each & every word.
A multi-use garment has many number of wearing ways. By using these shawls you can keep yourself warm, cozy & comfy in this season. You can wrap it around your body like a cozy cardigan & feel the warmth. You can layer it over shoulder like shrug. You can loosely wrap it around the neck like a scarf. These are made by using pure wool fiber. This fiber is mostly thick & soft that’s why it’s gently hug your body without any kind of skin irritation & provides warmth to the body.
Into the following photo gallery I am going to share some convertible shawls collection. Each picture is depicting a different way of wrapping shawl. The color & design is also different. Take a look & choose your signature style or on each day choose a different style & become a fashion icon!
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