2016 Winter Collection Ideas for Women

| December 24, 2016

Winter season is going on and on and  the people are so excited for the new styles And  trendy outfits because  with your dressing a person can be impress  and it is only your dressing which make you dearest in the eyes of the others .in the winter season you can carry every type of dresses that can give you a  great look because in this season there is no sweating and  perspiration that will   irritate  you.

In the winter you can carry cardigan, pull over, and shrug, sweater, shawls, and ponches you can carry anything it is p to you for the fall season there are many style and color are introduced by the designers for their customers .winter dressing is such a dressing that give you decent look  the winter season is changed  ladies are in the wait of something new and  stylish  so here I have some shawls and the other  dresses which are best for the winter  you can carry it for covering yourself from the  winter and perfect winter look.

Shirt and tights with the shawl:

Navy blue  t shirt with the  tights is  looking awesome but for the change winter  collection you can carry shawl  that is  in the black and white  color  block printed with the ankle length laced boots it is best dressing for going on the  tour or any outside place because some girls like to live stylish  so the shawl is making your look according to the winter.

Trendy dressing:

The season of the jeans remain forever means it is carrying in every season and in the every function it give you a nice and trendy look  so in the winter y can go with the ripped jeans with the sky blue basic shirt  and the wool fabric net style off white sweater is looking nice if you want more warm and stylish look then carry the  wool scarf  for the winter look off white  color pointed pump are looking decent.

Fringes cardigan dress:

The model Sarah khan is looking so charming and attractive in the winter she is looking cool due to her dressing white color simple shirt with the black rough jeans and the fringes cardigan is  in the three colors blue sky blue  white and the sea green all colors in the sweater are looking so attractive it is giving you hot effects with the warm dressing with this  dress carry the peep toe heel and the leather  wedge heel sandal and the shoes.

Ripped jeans with sweat shirt:

In the winter you can go with the  sky blue color ripped jeans and the mehandi color pull over sweat shirt is looking gorges  the sleeves are totally  mehandi green color and the center of the shirts in the grey color it is wool stuff looking nice you can carry it  when you are going outside with this dress carry shawl  in the white color it will give you  a cozy effect.

Black with brown:

Black color is very fascinating it gives you a fair look  you can carry any shade with your black dress because this is neutral color  that can carry  everywhere  full fitted blue jeans shorts and the  black basic shirt with the brown  fox fur style brown color shrug with the fringes is looking decent  when you are going outside for the  party and the  other get to gather plan of the friend then this dress is best with the pointed nude color pumps and the black is also  nice.

Stylish and cozy shawls:

The fashion of shawls are very much among the girl it give you an awesome look so if you want go look stylish and  chic then go with the shawls and  the   ponchies  it is in the wool , fur,  crochet and the many other fabrics which are used in the  winter  with your every pant shirt pair carry the shawl it is I the red and red is not only in simple rather it is in the printed  black is also in the thread embroided and many other colors you can   give these shawl to your dearest as a gift in this winter.

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