4 Ways to Set Up the Duppata Lehengha

| July 28, 2016

0. how to set up bridal dupatta

The  traditional  dresses look so beautiful because the beauty of   these dresses are lying in  its  adoptability  like the sarree you can drape your lehengha duppata on your  wedding  there are so many ways to carry the duppata  because the duppata style enhance your  bridal beauty look  on your wedding and on the  other wedding’s   you can carry the  duppata in these elegant way which I want to tell you. The lehengha is a traditional dress for the brides in Pakistan and Indian culture without lehengha brides look incomplete the drape style is not only in the sareree but it is also in the duppata. In the modern age brides wear new style lehengha and the duppata so if your wedding near  then you should  carry  the duppata in these styles.

Casual drape style:

1. how to set up bridal dupatta

Beige color  duppata with the heavy embroided lehengha  and the blouse drape the both  sides of the duppata in the  back  its look like the gown  and give you a western brides look  and in this style second option is that you can  drape the duppata in the  both sides   the right shoulder  Palou   is long and the  left is short  you can wrap it on your wrist it is new style and the long drape style is  giving you modern  model  look because  they wear duppata in such style when they walk on the  ramp .

Drape over head and wrist:

2. how to set up bridal dupatta

In the Pakistani  the brides  want to go with the style and want to  hide their bodies   from the other in  this way they  carry duppata   in drape  over their head and  pinned around their wrists  if you don’t want to pin your  duppata then  wear the duppata and do the long side in  front and wrap the   drape in front of your  chest . You can carry in such way that  drape over the duppata and crossed over your body  double shaded sleeves giving your  lehengha a nice look.

Elegant style of carrying duppata:

3. how to set up bridal dupatta

Peach color lehengha with the silver shaded  work  is very decent  the chiffon fancy duppata with the lehengha  is good for the walima function  this  duppata style is  evergreen  for a bride   the brides duppata is carried  that the one side drape in front and the  other side on the  back  and you can carry it  in this way also   carry the duppata on your head  and one side keep in front and the other leave it back and  cover your shoulder  and wrist from the  back side  duppata.

Conservative style of carrying duppata:

4. how to set up bridal dupatta

The desi  and  conservative brides  carry their duppata  draped over the bride’s  head  and across her shoulder  it is great way to show your fancy duppata  if your duppata  is fully embellished then  carry it  in such way  first it will cover your body and fashion is also in this duppata  if you want to cover the  brides face it  is also good  for you can use duppata in such a way.

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