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| April 27, 2016

Different colors and styles in the kaftans dresses

0. trendy modern kaftan dresses

Kaftans are very trendy and it is liked by many ladies basically this trend is settled by these persons who are inspired by the dressing of Moroccan countries because they wear such type of dresses .Now a day the kaftans style is inn in the abayya and the many Turkish plays on the television is played according to the dress of Morocco because kaftans is basically the dress of this country .Many Turkish and Arabic bridals preferred to wear the kaftans on their wedding at the place of gown and maxi but now this trend is spreading all around the world and it is in the form of in many style as just like butterfly, bats ,baggy style ,sleeves one ,short and floor length all are included today’s fashion ,Like the young girls baby girls are also carry these dresses on their traditnal functions like wedding ceremony ,eid and many other events. Kaftans look so nice it cover your all body part because it s something loose than shirts and when you wear it you can save your body from exposing. Modern girl carry this new dress on every occasion like the kurtas and Capri because in summer it look so cool it is so baggy therefore it saves you from the scorching hotness so if you are interested in the kaftans dress then you should must see our style of kaftans my dear fashionistas.


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Kaftans dress for ladies:

1. trendy modern kaftan dresses

There are many styles in the kaftans like tachita design is also found in the kaftans style and mostly it is wear by some royal and rich families ladies to show their royalty. On television many programme are show which is based on the royalty and show a empress family not only dramas rather it is wear in many middle east countries because it is something like abbaya and they carry hijab ,staler and scarf with their dresses. Tashtica style is very nice and in white color it show your pomp and when it is designed with the golden work laces and patches it look so great you can carry it on your wedding . Magenta color tachita dress is which is fully embellished you can put on in the wedding ceremony of your special one it will enhance your   beauty it is fully embellished Moroccan kaftans .With this dress you can wear white color jewelry which is made of pearl in the purple style you can find three color which do you like most you can select and on the different functions you can wear these dresses. White color kaftans with the off white embroidery is looking fabulous and it is best for those ladies who want to go in the anniversary parties and any   functions. White color chiffon kaftans with light pink and maroon is very nice you can wear it on the mehendi ceremony   pure white sleeves one kaftans embellished with the stones and motifs floor length white kaftans with white embroided is looking so nice. Sky blue color chiffon kaftans with the golden embroidery on the neckline and the sleeves with floor length is awesome you can wear gold jewelry with this dress. Black color is really very nice and mostly liked by the people if you like the black color then you can buy the black color with the silver embroidery   and the side of the kaftans is fully embellished with the silver lace it is best to wear on the wedding ceremony. Digital printed pleated kaftans is very good for the beach because in summer many people go on beach and seaside places. Because it is colorful and lace with fancy button on the neckline. Yellow and black color kaftans with black thread embroidery is looking charming and it is well for the casual and indoor parties for the traditnal look you can carry yellow and black tie and dye dupata with the churi pajama .You can carry black jewelry and   peach color lipstick with this dress.

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dress must be select according to the fashion and event kaftans are not so good for the daily wear but on the functions it can go well with some good accessories. For the royal look you can wear tacshica dress because it is wear by royal ladies.

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