Stylish Fall Winter Outfits for Teenage College Girls

| January 24, 2017

Winter season is going on and everyone wants protection from cold by wearing warm clothes and doing different things. As to keep themselves warm, they wear warm clothes; take tea, green tea or coffee and eat dry fruits. People of all age including men and women buy warm clothes, especially women are conscious about their outfits; they want to look stylish even in the thick winter clothes. Here we are talking about college girls, they are teenage girls and teen age is that phase of age in which every girl wants to look beautiful, stylish, modern and different from others.

So they want such clothes in which they look stylish and slim smart also. Here is the collection of trendy winter outfits for college girls, gat the idea to look stylish.
Some colleges have a proper uniform in some specific colors and there is no option for girls to look stylish in different outfits. So they make or design the specific colors of uniform in some different ways.

You can see in the picture, the school uniform is in black, white and blue colors so here is an idea for the girls, they can make black color skirt in flared style and short length and can wear a fishnet leggings beneath the flared mini skirt. Collared white shirt is topped with blue top and black coat, the girl is looking so smart by wearing the dress with white socks and black boots and holding a briefcase style bag in her hand.

If there is no uniform in your college then there are so many options for you to look stylish. Take a flared velvet skirt in blue color or other color which do you like, pair this with a crochet pattern grey top and black leather jacket. In order to look more stylish, wear ankle length black lace bootis and hang a black leather bag on your shoulder. Pick your favorite color and make your whole outfit in a single color, take the idea from this picture. Denim grey jeans is paired with grey color tank top and white joggers looking so nice and graceful.

Striped t-shirt, sleeveless cozy grey sweater and black tight jeans is a perfect look for college. If you are a working woman then you can also carry this outfit casually for your office. Pair the dress with brown color ankle boots and a leather bag to hold on your files for office and books for college.  If you are fed up of wearing jeans, leggings, tops, skirts and shorts.

Then you should try the cone dress, shown in the picture, this one piece black color dress is designed in cone style with turtle neck, paired with blue denim short jacket and white converse shoes. If you want to look stylish then wear a black cap and take your college bag in cross-body style.

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