Spring Summer 2015-16 Casual Outfits Ideas for Boys & Girls

| August 27, 2015

Jeans, Shirts, Tops, Pants & Jackets as Casual Dresses for Men & Women:

When it comes to casual wear then no doubt that you have plenty of options. You just need to think a little & you need to work on how you can pair one accessory with the other. In this way you can create very stylish outfits simply by using very less fashion items.

Today, on this blog I am going to share the spring summer casual outfit ideas for both genders men & women. In spring summer you need some colorful, airy & flared dresses in which you can feel comfortable. You need to choose soft & delicate stuff that can never be Irritating for your skin.

A man or woman, a boy or girl wardrobe usually consists of two types of clothes. One is that are used for formal wear I mean for wedding wear, party & evening wear. These clothes are fancy & adorned with stones, studs, beads, crystals, sequins, thread embroideries, brooches etc. The next types of clothes are used for casual wear in which simple outfits included.

I mean there is no heavy embroidery or embellishment on these casual clothes. You can use casual attire when you want to go on shopping, with friends for a casual get to gather, during working hours & when you visit your neighbor or best friend’s home. Let’s take a look at some spring summer casual attires that are selected by keeping the latest trends of fashion into the mind!

White Peplum Top with Jeans for Girls:

1 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (2)

This is a simple white color sleeveless top. The peplum style is making it really very graceful & stunning. This top is paired with sky blue color jeans.
Styling Tip: You can style this dress by wearing a black eyewear, by holding a checkered print oversize handbag & by wearing pair high heel open toe footwear. What do you think?

Flower Print Button up Shirt with Shorts for Men:

2 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (14)

When it comes to men casual summer wear then I think the colorful flower print half sleeved, button up & collared neckline shirts with shorts are best option for them. So, hurry up & add this style of costumes into your wardrobe now.
Styling Tip: try to make a good hairstyle & no need to use any extra accessory with a flower print shirt!

Boyish Style Collared Neckline Shirt with Short for Girls:

3 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (10)

Girls if you want to rick even in casual dresses then don’t worry because in this summer season you can try the button up collared neckline shirt with shorts for getting a hotter look.
Styling Tip: Make a messy high updo, wear sunglasses & pair of boot for getting extra bold look.

Stripped Shirt with Folded Jeans for Boys:

4 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (11)

Boys can also try a stripped print button up shirt with jeans. They can wear this attire even in office hours without any kind of hesitation.
Styling Tip: Try to fold the jeans from the bottom & wear sneakers for getting a rock & roll look!

Leg Slit Flower Pattern Maxi with Crop Top:

5 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (7)

Maxi is also a best dress for enjoying the summer season. Choose a leg slit maxi with flower print & pair it with crop style top.
Styling Tip: You can give yourself a bohemian girl look by choosing a pair of flat t-strap footwear, some bangles, a headband & a leather handbag!

Pink Shirt with Black Pant:

6 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (8)

The boy on bicycle is looking very stunning in pink & black color combination pant shirt. Simple yet timelessly elegant summer casual look for men!
Styling Tip: Fold the sleeves of the shirt up & get a graceful look!

Short Stripped Dress for Summer Wear:

7 casual outfit ideas for spring & summer 2015 (3)

The girl wears a short I mean a mini stripped design dress. It is a body fit & cape sleeve dress.
Styling Tip: Style your dress with a thin brown leather belt. Wear brown strappy footwear; use a brown leather shoulder bag & a brown eyewear as shown into the above picture.

For more inspiration about spring summer casual fashion, you can explore the following photo gallery.

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