Saree Blouses in Multi Shaded Colors and Embroidery

| November 22, 2016

No one deny the grace of saree that it gives to woman when she wears it accentuating a lot of feminism. It is basically the traditional dress of Indians and in that country girls from small age like to wear saree and woman and ladies take it as privilege to wear saree on functions and ceremonies. Even on simple occasions they wear saree taking it as sign of their culture. Bollywood heroines have remarkable tribute in promoting the fashion of saree. In the past there were simple looking Sarees but with the passage of time there came commendable changes in its design and style.

We can see Sarees in multiple colors and shades. Media as a great role in promoting the traditional wearing of saree of Indians and now taking inspiration from India women in other countries are also following this trend. Half saree, saree in dhoti style, saree with half and full blouse, lehenga saree, banarsi saree all are wearable to have novelty in look. Saree blouses add to the glamorous look of it. Even in blouses we have a vast range of variety to choose. Here we will describe a few one and will discuss how they tribute to the grace of the saree.

Back knotted saree blouse;


This multiple shaded embroiled blouse is looking very chic and stylish and it is paired with yellow color saree. It is backless and knotted. Tussles at the back are looking very attractive. Half blouse with sweetheart neckline are going very good to the whole texture of the saree and in fact with these constituents the whole saree is looking very hot and glamorous. Indian women can wear this saree on their traditional events.

Collar neck blouse;


Women with short neck and broad shoulders can opt for this style of blouse as it will suit to their body shape a lot. Thread embroidery is done thoroughly on the blouse. Half blouse with zipper neckline is looking very classy and it can be paired with dhoti saree that is in fashion these days. This style of blouse will cover the cleavage to reveal. On sea color thread embroidery of orange and yellow color is looking fantastic and impressive.

Sleeveless and backless blouse;


Half blouse with sleeveless and backless pattern and collar neckline buttoned from front is exuding excessive charm and it is looking eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Floral embroidery on the shirt in multiple shades is looking exceptional and this blouse will go with every kind of saree to make style statement.

Half blouse with scoop neckline;


Here we have another style of blouse, it is embroiled with machine work and stone work. With scoop neckline this half blouse can make wonder if paired with a beautiful silk saree. This is wearable on semi party functions and wearing jewelry with this you will have regal look in this saree.

Half sleeves blouse with embroidery;


The famous bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is looking wonderful and commendable wearing this multiple shaded saree. The blouse is in half sleeves and sweetheart neckline is exposing the neckline. The saree is giving the mingling effect of classical and contemporary style and a brooch fastened at one shoulder is letting the blouse show gracefully. Wearing bangles and earrings with this saree Shilpa is looking marvelous with her charming and breathtaking appearance.


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