Outfits Ideas For The Girls In The Sport Style

| March 17, 2017

The dresses are in so many styles, colors and stuff the fashion of the girls never remains same it is changed and changed according to the time and trend but something remain in fashion we can say these are evergreen things   the dresses of the girls make them decent and elegant.

sports dress are also in very beautiful styles  and  colors you can carry it in your  casual wearing in the summer and winter both season  shirt with pent , top with shorts, tights and many other dresses are carrying by the girls it show your feminine beauty.

Because mostly sports dress are very fitted it look so nice on the smart and fit girls because they have very active and fit body .mostly sports girls , young girls and these girls carrying such dresses  with the different flat shoes  bags and the glasses  you can carry these dresses  in the day and night all  times  so here I have some sport style  dresses for you  if you want to carry these dresses then stay with us  and take ideas .

Blouse with trouser:

Blue color blouse sleeveless with loose trouser in grey color with blue jacket full fitted blouse with grey joggers  it look so nice on the long height girl make the sleek ponytail  apply the orange lipstick and the nude color nail paint  it is good for sports girl and the other young girl  after removing  the jacket you can sleep  with this dress wear the jewelry .

Leather pant with vest:

Black color is really like by the ladies black color sleeveless shirt  with the athlete number on the front of the shirt with the  leather stuff pent  also in black because look good with black  the boho girls also like these dresses with the strappy high heel ankle shoes  in black your overall get up is looking stylish with  cat eye sunglasses  and black jewelry .

Nike branded shirt:

the girls are wearing the sports dresses for the elegant look so the white color crop top  with the tag of Nike floor length blue color sleeveless frock  with pocket with this dress wear the high heel black sandal for the summer season this dress is best for outgoing hold a messenger bag  and make the messy hair for very young look.

Sport dress for hot look:

In the summer  season when you are going  to attend the party then wear the sports dress that is in the blue or black color if you are very slim and smart then  wear the blue blouse with the shorts also in blue color  with the joggers you are looking so hot and sexy apply the same shade nail paint and  highlight your hair use the sunglasses  and messenger bag for the hot and sexy look.

Full fitted tight with shirt:

The ladies like to live in the sports dress because it is very comfortable and give you  relaxation  if you are going on the shopping and the plan to tour any place then wear the full fitted  tights  full sleeves  in grey color with the flexible blue tights  with this dress wear the sneakers and the sports shoes with sunglasses  shoulder bag is good choice with this sports dress.

Street style looks:

The girls who like to go with the street style look they want to wear something different from the other girls so carry the  blouse  in black  color with the fitted  denim jeans the pair of blue and black is looking  awesome you can wear the pointed high heel  pumps in white color nude color  pumps are also best for you.  If you  want more decent look then white color coat is best for you with the simple jewelry.

Sport dress for summer season:

In the summer season girls like to wear light and soft dresses that  keep them away from the sunlight  then wear the button down shirt in white color  half sleeves with the boyfriend jeans  in black that is looking so fabulous the young girls  can carry it at the time of dance practice , bad Minton players and the tennis  players girls are also  wear such dresses  wear the sneakers shoes with this dress and the checked shirt on it is best  make high ponytail and wavy  both are good for you.


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