Lawn kurti in Modern Styles

| March 16, 2016

Modern kurti for ladies


There are many things to show you stylish and fashionable but today the dresses become most important thing to show you stylish and up date. Not ladies rather males are also remain excited to know about every new fashion but it is considered that mostly females are most conscious about their dressing because they want to look like different from others .Kurti, kurta and tunic are most common styles in summer now the spring season is continue and summer is very near so ladies are very excited to buy   new style kurtis because in summer loose and comfortable dresses remain good .In summer season mostly men also wear kurta because it is very airy and peaceful .So here I have different collection of kurti which can inspired you and make your look gorgeous.



Different colors and styles:

There are many colors which are included in the kurti designing but it is up to you which color scheme do you like most but in summer light and cool colors are best because if you select very bold and bright colors then it give you the effect of hotness.

Now a day’s not many colors are inn but in kurti collection blue, green, pink, brown and orange colors are in trend because these colors have good combination .There are many kurtis which are thread style embroider and some are self printed .Kurti are very simple and easy to wear you can wear embroider kurti on the parties get to gather and any function and self printed can carry at home but you can wear it at outdoor functions with some accessories .Every style are in trend which are on the kurtis like block printed ,animal ptrinted,paisley style ,floral style ,polka dots,geomatrical style and types of design are made on kurti. But when you are wearing kurti you should wear according to the event if there is party and you wear simple and dull colors then it will bad impact .Kurti and kurta can carry with everything like trouser, pajama, Capri, tights, narrow pents, and skinny jeans it is up to you what type of style do you like most .Color schemes are very brilliant and in symmetrical order .Mostly girls buy six to seven kurti for the summer season and wear it with black and white tights and Capri but you can wear it with printed pajamas and matching Capri because matching Capri is also good .With kurtis many girls carry staler and scarf but chiffon and crinkle dupata is never go wrong because both stuff are very elegant and cool. These are some collection of kurtis for fashionable ladies I hope you will like these kurti and you should must include a kurti in your summer wardrobe.


Not buy too much expensive kurti rather you can buy in your range and when you are going to buy it then check the stuff and embroidery and color that is not spoil after washing. And short prints are for fat and chubby ladies and long prints can be carried by thin and smart girls.

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