Is there Exists Any Difference between Ghagra Choli & Lehenga Choli

| October 10, 2015

Difference & Similarities between Ghagra Choli & Lehenga Choli:

It is very clear that Ghagra Cholis & Lehenga Cholis are mostly used by the Asian & eastern girls but it is very much popular in India. It is observed that ladies follow different fashion but they are unaware from the accurate name of the clothing style that they wear on different events. So, when someone asks from then about their clothing style then they feel embarrassment that’ why I becomes very necessary for you to get some info. Follow our website & update your knowledge. Today, I am going to talk about the Lehenga Choli & Ghagra Choli. At first look these two attires look same but there is slight difference between both. The first difference is only in the way of wearing Lehenga & Ghagra. Mostly the Ghagra choli is won above the navel while lehenga below the navel. But, now days, mostly girls are wearing both lehenga & ghagra below the navel.  Second point of different is that lehenga is a little bit fit from the waist & hips while ghagra choli is in loose & flare style. Thirdly, the ghagra choli may be knee length or ballerina length but lehenga always have full length. Ghagra choli is mostly used in Rajasthan while the lehenga is used in almost every part of India & in different Asian countries. Otherwise both attires look almost same.  The choli of lehenga or ghagra always show the midriff part of body. The first two pictures which are given below shows lehenga choli while last two shows ghagra choli!

Pink Lehenga with Black Choli:

black and Pink Georgette and Net lengha choli

Mirror Work Ghagra Choli:

mirror work ghagra choli

White Ghagra with Black Choli:

net ghagra choli

Yellow Lehenga with Pink Choli & Blue Duppata:

yellow & blue color Lehenga Choli


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