5 Awesome Looking Casual Ways for Draping Saree

| December 22, 2016

Saree is a favorite outfit of women in fact they wait for the occasion where they could go wearing a saree. But not for a special occasion in India women and young girls wear saree on casual events. Young girls wear saree on very early age for saree is considered very attractive outfit for women. And indeed it is. A woman in saree catches every person’s eye and became center of attention very soon. And if you are able to carry a saree in perfect style then your graceful demeanor would be very inspirational for others.

Doing the same thing all time might bore you and you can bring versatility in changing the style and design. Another change that you can bring in your saree wearing style is the draping style that will help you bring novelty in your style. Here we will see some of the casual ways of draping saree that are common and easy to adopt;

Floating style;

This is the common style of draping the dupatta and it looks very nice and decent. On a traditional event you can go with this style. In this way of draping what you need to do is just pin up the dupatta on shoulder and leave that side floating from the shoulder. One of your shoulder and arm will be covered in the dupatta. This is the northern style of draping dupatta of saree. Pleats of the bottom will be visible and the whole saree will give you a very graceful look.

Short floating style;

In this style of draping you can put the pallu on your elbow. First pin up the pallu on shoulder then put the floating side above the arm letting the pallu hang below. In this style too the pleats of the front side of the saree will be seen. Women need to have their hands free can opt for this style instead of that full floating style. A very traditional look you would have in this style and old women might choose this style more than the young ones.

Nivi style of draping saree;

This style can be regarded the most comfortable style where the pallu is attached to the shoulder and your hands are free to do anything. One addition that you can do to this saree style is attaching a beautiful brooch at the place where you need to pin up your saree. In this style the important thing is to make the boarder of pallu visible from front and attach it on shoulder gracefully. Your blouse will be seen from one side as well as the pleats of the saree from front side from the very start.

Half float and half tucked style;

This style will give you very chic and classy look. This half tucked and half float style can be done with attaching the side of the half pallu at shoulder with pin or with some brooch depend on your choice and leave half of the dupatta on shoulder. The dupatta will be left at the back side and you will show immense confidence in your entire demeanor. This style can be done on wedding ceremonies.

Mermaid style saree draping;

Mermaid style gives you an entirely different look with its extremely gorgeous look. This style will curve the hip section and make the bottom flared. Attend a ceremony in this style of saree draping and turn all the heads around. A very glamorous look you will exude with your style and if it is net dupatta then all night is yours. Enjoy a commendable and prominent appearance in wedding function wearing mermaid style saree.

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