Spring Summer Luxury Lawn Collection 2017 By Yellow Beximco

| March 6, 2017

The spring season is going on and the summer is very near so the people are very excited to see the new collection of the lawn dresses because the lawn dresses are the favorite of all ladies because too much new colors.

And the styles are introduced by the designers they want to introduce new and the trendy dresses many big and well known designers always  want to see their fans in the  unique and elegant dresses .

yellow beximco is not well recognized brand of the Pakistan it is new  but due to this  collection this brand is become famous  among all the people yellow  beximco  has designed  light color dresses with long dupatta fiery  printed so here I have some beautiful  designs dresses  which can attract you when you are going outside .

the baffling prints  extol the  energy of your lifestyle and personality because your personality is overall depending  on your dressing .

Light green pistachio shade dress:

In the summer light colors are used because it look cool to our eyes  pistachio color dress the neckline is embroidered with the yellow mechanic thread  and the border is fully  printed in the digital style  yellow flowers are made on the side of the  shirt with the  zigzag printed  dark green color sleeves with the Capri that is  embellished with pearls and the  fish net on the on the edge of the trouser  carry the chiffon  dupatta printed with yellow sunflower  carry this dress in the day time  with the nude peep toe heel shoes.

Polka dotted Ombre shaded dress:

In the collection of yellow polka dotted ankle length shirt intricate pattern full sleeves and the  bottom is in the intricate pattern  with it carry the white color Shalwar because with this print shirt Shalwar look nice  but if you want to go with the  pajama and the Capri then it is also good  with it chiffon dupatta same  like shirt this dress is best for the spring days because it is colorful the  depiction of rainbow shaded is in this dress . Carry this dress with the ankle white strappy sandal and the pouch.

Pastel green color dress:

In the  collection all the colors are very fabulous  self printed shirt  and the neckline is embroidered with the red color  full sleeves that are also printed  on the border little flowers are made  matching Shalwar that you can stitch in the  Capri style and in the Capri use the buttons and the  beads for the semi formal look  and on the end of the bottom use the pleats for making new style  chiffon dupatta in the red color floral prints is looking nice with this dress   carry high heel golden sandal   with the blush red lipstick.

White with red flowers:

White  color is very delicate and the  nice color it gives you very  elegant and sophisticate look  on the neckline the red color flowers are made it is in the printed embroidery the sleeves are printed  and the bottom  of the shirt is  in the digital printed  with jaal printed  carry the white color trouser and the chiffon printed dupatta for the gorgeous look  this dress is very beautiful  carry this dress with red strappy high heel sandal and the clutch for the  semi formal look.

Blue shaded dress:

Blue color is very cool  when we see toward the blue color it give the feeling of peace sky blue , purple and the blue color are used in the shirt  self printed the neckline  is in the  zigzag printing  sleeves are also printed in an intricate pattern  on the shirt border the black color net patch is used  that is in the lace style wear the black tights and the Capri it is  up to your choice and take the chiffon dupatta with it  is very nice collection  all the colors are selected beautifully carry it with the black flay heel chapel and the sunglasses when you are going out in the day time.


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