Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 RTW

| March 21, 2016

Louis Vuitton also known as LV is a very famous and extended throughout the world luxury fashion brand. Louis Vuitton the brand was founded by a eponymous designer. Today the company designs and offers ready-to-wear, leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, timepieces, fragrance, make-up, and skincare products while also maintaining its tradition as a creator of recognized haute couture. Here we are demonstrating you some very finest collection showcased by Louis Vuitton at fashion week for 2016.


The collection is really motivated and supported by all the fashion lovers throughout. The collection includes the elements designed by using very artistic prints and very light but thick shades. These dresses are really a true example of grace and trends.


Dresses in some of this latest collection are presented in stunning black. Impressive cuts and fabric patches are intelligently used to create a stylish impression on the viewers about the trendy looking clothes in the presentation. Leather, chiffon, and net is used for creation of these fabulous elements. This collection is a true representation of fine and modish wears.



Collection includes casual and formal but very decent kind of ladies wear collection. The collection includes uppers, coats, jackets, suits, straight pants etc for ladies wear. These trendy elements are perfect for the upcoming spring summer season.



The color selection used chosen for the elements to fill in are nice bright and thick and summer shades. Very cute prints and small patterns are selected with a much lit weighted fabric. A shimmery golden touch is given to the fabric designing to make the collection ostentatious and glamorous.



The images were so bright and rapid that many guests did not see the first model walk out in a pink leather Moto jacket and armorial beaded skirt, her long pink hair, manga-style eye makeup and metal forehead band making her look like the real-life manifestation of some gaming avatar.



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