Latest Fall Stella McCartney Women Collection 2017

| February 6, 2017

Wide range of fall designer dresses for women 2017 by Stella McCartney

About Stella McCartney
Stella is considered as English fashion designer who was born at 13th of September in 1971. She is also a daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney and American musician, photographer and animal right activist Linda McCartney. Stella have travelled a lot within a globe with her parents and sibling as her parents remain busy in accomplishment of projects and things which have strong effect on their personalities.

Ger parents were famous enough but they always tried had to give normal life to their parents. Stella was interested in designing clothes for herself from her youth age. People appreciate her styling sense at that time. She gets inspired while having positive remarks of people and get motivated to create out her own fashion label.

Stella was not fond of using fur and leather in her designs. She just wants to make appropriate looks with colors and prints that she widely likes to wear. Her current collection is basically connected with the amazing ideas as she likes to lay with shades and different patterns that any other designer hasn’t used yet.

About post

We have briefly discussed about early life and interest of Stella. She is now 40 and still active in her fashion business. She owns her now fashion house which comes up with new designs and styles that compliments out her passion about designing and selecting colors. We have noticed that she rarely uses out leather and fur type material in her collection. She just likes to focus on patterns, coloring and contrast which create specific highlight effect in her collection.

We have drafted some of most appropriate and flamboyant fashion designs of Stella as she has created out new range of designer dresses inspired by fall season affiliated with women fashion wear. You will find about lots of prints and coloring contrast and also bold and modified cut styles in dresses which will be perfect for enhancement of class in your appearance. Just take a look.

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