Latest 2016 Embroided Tunics for The Girls by Shariq

| August 1, 2016

0. Subhata Embroidered Tunic Catalog 2016 by Shariq Textiles

The  season of summer  is going on and  on  and  it is moving towards it,s peak  and for the summer seasons ladies are worried  about what  to wear on the   functions of  the outside  and any get together party  but the designers  know the choice and the   collection which is trendy now a day is introduced  by them . so as the new season is start people  start thinking which things are remain  popular  in this year mostly girls are very conscious .

For the  summer season   Subhata  designer by  shariq has introduced  his   latest  collection for their customers .shariq textiles  has  created the  great color and vibrant prints in his collection  the embroidery tunics are very nice which are  introduced by the shariq textile because it is very  famous  brand   and  shariq textile serves the people according to their wish now  long shirt ,short shirt ,tights  trouser etc are available on shariq textile every dress is full of colors  and lovely prints the prices are  no too much high   overall  the collection  is awesome  and available  at all the lading stores you can buy  it because it is best for the casual ,formal and semi formal functions.

White with the magenta contrast:

1. Subhata Embroidered Tunic Catalog 2016 by Shariq Textiles

White color look very nice  in the summer  because  it is light  color and  when you  do it contrast with the other it look so nice .self printed shirt and in the  center the floral  pattern is used  and the whole back side of the shirt is  printed  with the floral  border  front is   simple only  back is printed  from the border and  the pie pin with the  beads   the sleeves are embellished with the magenta  pajama  you can  carry same color duppata  with this dress for traditional  look.

Digital prints tunic:

2. Subhata Embroidered Tunic Catalog 2016 by Shariq Textiles

Now a day’s digital prints are  very famous among the  ladies  they carry it with the tunics and the tights  the bateau neckline with the button Patti and the sleeves are  embellished with the red  patches  black tights  with the skin and red tunics is  increasing the beauty of dress and the  print which is on the tunic is  outstanding in the digital prints we see  historical buildings  of the many places  and somewhere the  sea and the floral prints are made by the designers.

Zigzag style tunics:

3. Subhata Embroidered Tunic Catalog 2016 by Shariq Textiles

The zigzag style and the blocks   prints are made on the black and white tunics  v style cut   neckline  on the bodice and  border the self printed  is making this tunic more  beautiful  on the back of the shirt  the blocks prints with the floral  pattern is  good you can carry it  with the  black tights and the white Capri is also nice choice if you  want to make a good pair. On the eid ul Azha you can carry this dress   because it is carried on formal, semi formal and casually.

Gown style tunics:

4. Subhata Embroidered Tunic Catalog 2016 by Shariq Textiles

Shoking pink and the aqua color is new but nice decent combination one light and dark color contrast is great  the tunic is stitched in the style of gown but  it is combine from the front we feel  the gown is separate from the  tunic  the   gown is fully embellished with the embroidery and it is open from the front  and the front side  inner shirt is short  intricate pattern is made on the  shirt   you can carry it with the  shoking pink pajama  if you carry the white tights then it is also  nice choice.

Front open style tunic:

5. Subhata Embroidered Tunic Catalog 2016 by Shariq Textiles

In the collection of   subhata every style and color is used   by shariq textile green color is my favorite color and in the summer it looks so cool and attractive green color front open  style shirt  with the floral  print is looking dashing  on the deep v pie pin neckline the button is used and the sleeves are  in blue color  it is long tunic  and you can easily carried with the  black tunic  with this shirt only black is suitable you can carry white color  coat shoes  with it and the  royal blue duppata will give you a traditional look.


There are many   other tunics styles are in the gallery you can  see  these prints also  and  these dresses are god for the  Eid  ul Azha   because that traditional event is very near   and  being a Muslim  you are also very excited to celebrate the  Eid  it is up to you which  pair do you want to carry with the tunics  all the tunics are good and the color schemes are  very decent  with  the  elegant prints.

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