Designer Different Sari Styles Collection

| November 2, 2016

The dress sari is most commonly seen in India and Bangladesh and it is the national dress of all around India and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But in Pakistan some girls and women also like to wear it at special occasions to look different and glamorous. Sari is the unstitched garment usually made with at least 5 to 9 yards long cloth and women wear it with small blouse while flaunting the belly because blouse is the short piece till the belly with half sleeves.

There are several and different ways how sari can be worn as Bengali style, Gujarati style, Oriya style, Kashta style, Kunbi style, Gond style, Malyali style and Nivi style etc. sari is an easy to wear garment and the basic requirements of drape sari are, sari is a long 6-7 yard drape one piece fabric to wrap around the body, blouse is the essential need of a sari and it is a top wear which is almost like a crop top but in well fitting, petticoat worn as bottom wear in a long skirt serving to carry the drape firmly.

Sari has gained a lot of attention even in the west and some western brides also like to wear sari on their big day. The production of sari is still done with hand looms and power looms and in big cities it is all done in mills.  There are huge variety of fabrics, prints, designs and colors. Famous fabrics are crepe, satin, charmeuse, chiffon, georgette and banarsi etc and some new colors as pink, orange, yellow and brown has been added to the palette.

Dhoti sari style is a modern way to wear a sari as Bollywood celebrity Sonam Kapoor is looking gorgeous in dhoti sari style. As mostly girls get inspiration from the dressing of celebrities so they surely like this style of sari. To get this look you need 5 meters long garment in a lightweight stuff as chiffon, pick light drapery fabric in a solid shade with a simple contrasting narrow border and no fall.

This will enhance the drapes and fold lines which are key to this style and you will need a nontraditional blouse and a pair of Lycra tights and you will need plastic clothes clips and studded safety pins to control and keep the drape in one place. You should wear sky high heels to compliment your dhoti style sari.

Some girls like to wear the dress that looks like a sari because they have unskilled and clumsy hands that can’t drape and tuck in saris the traditional way and don’t want to wrap around the 6 yards the conservative way. So sari gowns are design for those girls, sari gown is completely hassle free sari cum gown that can be zipped up and would stay in place even if you step over the pleats and tucks. Sari gown is the combination of traditions and modernity.

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