Bold and Sexy Winter Wear Collection 2017 by Alexandre Vauthier

| November 9, 2016

Alexandre Vauthier is a French fashion designer who has introduced his new collection for this winter 2017. The collection shows that it is inspired from military as military green color can be seen in most of the outfits. Dressed in his outfits her line-up is depicting bold and fearless woman who wants fashion and freedom to choose her wearing as her own desire. Black, copper, military green, khaki, silver, white, ivory and caramel are the colors that can be seen in the collection. These are not usual or casual dresses but women with high confidence can wear these costumes.

Military style pent with button down shirt;


This military style pent is exuding courage and valiant qualities a woman must possess. Coughs of the sleeves and of the pant are folded and buttons of the shirt are open up to the cleavage. Ankle strap heel shoes are complementing the dress. A belt around the waist is further increasing the boldness of the owner the dress.

Side slit gown in black color;


Black color side slit gown usually accentuate feminism but here in this style boldness is infused with the help of some accessories. Satin faced organza fabric is used to decorate the dress from front side. It is belted from the waist and neckline is decorated with net fabric. She is wearing gladiators with high heels and her walk is very bold and graceful.

Overcoat for winter season;


This overcoat is also included in the collection and this is made of fur. The material used here is very soft and fluffy. A belt around the waist can be seen. Mostly the dresses are belted around the waist. The coat can be saved for outdoor evening walk or it can be worn at the time going to meet someone. Color chosen for the material is brownish that is giving tiger like look. The girl in the coat is exuding fierce and ferocious look. She has paired long length suede with this coat that is looking very perfect with her whole attire.

Jump suit with belt around the waist;


From the collection it is visible that the designer is trying to show the power of women. It is modern woman with no boundaries for her. His women are free and independent. In this picture we can see a woman in jumpsuit. Many jumpsuits made of patent leather are included in the collection. This one is looking very decent, classy and bold. A different thing is the belt made of silk fabric around the waist. Deep v-shaped neckline and strap heel shoes are making the dress classy, chic and sexy.

Asymmetric suit with jacket;


This asymmetric suit is very appealing and also giving a very sexy look. Black color dress is further decorated with military green color silk fabric and it is attached tied the waist. Wearing gladiators and holding a jacket in hand she is showing that women are not less than men. Women are not behind anyone in any department. Thus the complete collection was showcased with a theme and the expressions of the girls have given the message behind it to the very much extent.

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