Ayesha Farook Hashwani Summer Dresses Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2016

| April 16, 2016

The stunning and glamorous collection of Ayesha F. Hashwani really stole the show of Fashion Pakistan Week 2016. Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 Day 2 ended on a high note Ayesha Farooq Hashwani set the ramp on fire. Inspired by the Chinese culture and their architecture the designs depicted pagodas, Chinese people hand fan and cherry blossoms, Checkout the collection below.


Ayesha Farook Hashwani at Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 is unabashedly feminine and draws inspiration by ancient and modern Chinese culture, have incorporated their landmarks onto a contemporary silhouette giving it a feel where the old world meets the new. Models rocked up the ramp of Fashion Pakistan week when they showed the magic of their curves while wearing the stunning and glamorous collection Ayesha F. Hashwani.


Inspired by ancient and modern China, we have incorporated their landmarks onto a contemporary silhouette giving it a feel where the old world meets the new. Fluted hems, waist-whittling gowns, embellished belts, will dominate the runway. Using a combination of rich fabrics, prints and styles, this festive Evening Wear becomes alive with prints of the dragon, fire etc on glamorous cuts with ruffles, trailing hemlines and a dash of sparkles.


Ayesha F Hashwani Collection At Fashion Pakistan Week 2012, Day 2, You can see in the picture about the beauty and unique looks of the collection. The new and latest dress designs of Ayesha F. Hashwani were the center of all the eyes who were present there in the hall of city of lights. These dresses are simply designed by using ostentatious gold or silver, and other colorful kind of fabrics kind of stuff on neck part and shoulders. This fantastic way of designing making the dresses look lovely and elegant at the same time. These dresses are made bold up to some extent by using bright and classy shades like pink, black, yellow, skin, off white, white etc. except that material utilized in creating the collection is silk and chiffon which makes the dresses look up to the mark.



To keep you fashion up to date, we are disclosing such fascinating collection of eastern wear PFW day 2 which will surely satisfies you fashion sensibility. Here is some designer collection of dresses we are showcasing you. These dresses are designed by keeping your comfort level and your styling sense both in mind. These dresses tunics are designed in a eastern kind of fashion by using various styling techniques and process.


This exclusive collection is snugly fabricated with utmost classy material which is accomplished with appealing embroidery and delicate lace work in front of outfits. Appearance of a girl in these modern dresses wit Chinese traditional touch suits kind of traditional eastern wear is dazzling and bewitching which bring about diva look in her personality.



This fascinating collection is highlighted with floral patterns which are considered as famine sign. Such exclusively elected soft and beautiful patterns are when submerged with dark and blunt shades bring about extra-ordinarily stylish and glamorous effects. Feather designing techniques are also utilized in frequent outfits. This collection is superiorly designed for women, which is suitable for wearing in on summer parties, or even formally or casually.




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