Attractive Ladies Suits of Linen by Orient Textiles

| November 15, 2016

Orient Textile Mills Pvt Ltd is established in 2000, provides an excellence to a wide range of customers around the globe. The corporation being fresh to the export market brings an innovative approach to the world of textiles. Orient Textiles is involved from cotton selection to final packed goods and the aim of the Orient Textiles is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering a great customer service, an increased flexibility and great value via optimizing system functionally and operations efficiency. The best thing about Orient Textiles collections is that they add their dresses with just the particular touch that try to make it attractive looking in just one look.

Orient Textiles Linen Collection for ladies 2016 may be unveiled just few couple of days back and yet it is obtaining to be best looking collections significantly in the market places. You will see the splendid linen suits for winter season in this collection. These are usually accessible in 2 pieces and 3 piece suits, long shirts are set with trouser, shalwar and dupatta and shirts are stitched in global medium and knee-length also.

Light grey color 3 piece suit is looking nice, stitched in knee-length shirt that is made in self print and loose trouser. The border of sleeves and dupatta are printed in light orange color floral patterns and same color thread embroidered bootis are made to garnish the shirt. This dress can be worn for casual and also can be used for daily wear. Dark green color dress is looking beautiful. Plain tight pant is stitched with knee-length printed and embroidered shirt and printed dupatta has made the dress more beautiful.

The dress is designed in aqua green color; the shirt is made in self print stuff with printed borders on both front and back side and embroidery is also done on the front side of the shirt to make it more beautiful. A full printed dupatta is set with embroidered shirt and plain pent. Peach color shirt and dupatta is designed in geometrical print and floral print borders and plain choori dar pajama is set with the shirt.

Thread embroidery in pink and beige color is done on the front Daman of the self printed orange color shirt that is set with beige color pent and printed dupatta. The neckline of the shirt is embellished with thread embroidery done around the neckline; borders of sleeves and shirt are designed in printed stuff, same to the printed dupatta. plain pent has enhanced the beauty of the dress that can be used for evening party and family get together with lightweight jewelry.

Medium length shirt is designed in full of floral print with navy blue base, borders of dupatta and sleeves are also printed. Light green color shirt is decorated with embroidered bootis and extra linen border is also available with the shirt and Patiala shalwar in plain stuff is stitched with this knee-length shirt.
The price of this Orient Textiles Linen Collection is reasonable as compared to other brands offering almost the same thing. All the new arrivals have displayed go through these and pickup your favorite dresses.

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